Commitment to Sustainability

Anna Calvert Jewellery is passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment.

Being eco-friendly is something I have naturally always considered as part of my silver handmade jewellery business from day one as it’s something I personally care deeply about.

Living in the countryside, nature plays a big part in my life and in my overall wellbeing. I have two wonderful dogs who keep me busy on walks and this is where inspiration strikes with the changing seasons, plants and flowers.

I also have an allotment where I’m often found – there really is nothing quite like eating fruit and veg that you know you’ve grown with your own hands! It’s really very satisfying and I do feel like I’m contributing in some small way to the rising sustainability problems that this world is facing.

So as a business it was really important to me that sustainability plays a big part in everything that I do.


Ecologi Anna Calvery Handmade Silver Jewellery

Plant a Tree for Every Order

I wanted to do something truly impactful and so in November 2021 I decided to work with Ecologi.

Ecologi supports hundreds of planting and carbon offsetting projects all over the world. For every siliver jewellery order received on the website, Ecologi automatically plants one tree worldwide.

In fact you can see exactly where and when those trees are planted in our virtual forest!

Just follow this link and you can view exactly which projects and where in the world the trees are planted.

Check out the Anna Calvert Jewellery Forest >>>

Climate change affects us all. We know it’s preventable and we know we can all be doing more. As a small business I try to do everything I can and this is just one small way in which I know I can help.

If you would like to join Ecologi and create your own virtual forest, then you can use our special link and Ecologi will plant an extra 30 trees in your (and our) forest.

Join Ecologi and plant 30 extra trees for free >>>

Eco Silver 

All of the silver that is melted down and re-crafted into something beautiful for my silver handmade jewellery is made using eco sterling silver. This silver is slightly more expensive than ‘normal’ sterling silver so there is no cost saving in being environmentally friendly, sadly. However, eco sterling silver is so easy to get hold of that there really is no question about using it. It’s of exactly the same grade and quality as normal sterling silver. It’s just been recycled from something else.

All of the eco sterling silver I buy is from a reputable supplier and has all of the necessary certifications too.


I have spent a lot of time trying out and searching to find recycled packaging, that can also be used and still feel ‘special’. We can be environmentally friendly but still have beautiful things after all!

Firstly the tissue paper I use to wrap the silver jewellery is acid free and recycled  - and can be recycled again.The boxes are all made from recycled materials and again can be used again or kept to store your silver jewellery.

Then I have the cute little pouches that I have sourced that are made from completely recycled materials. These can be used forever to keep your silver jewellery safe, or anything else you want to store!

All of the packaging has been designed with the purpose of re-using, or recycling in mind.


I have two posting days a week so that I visit the post office as little as possible. Going out every single day would not be very sustainable or environmentally friendly. Sometimes you may get your jewellery package the next day, sometimes it may be a few days. A lot of my customers are also environmentally friendly aware and really appreciate this.

I don’t use any cellotape on my packaging. Often people forget to remove this when they put their boxes in the bin and the boxes then get sorted and end up in landfill. I use brown tape that can be put in the recycling bin.

My Office and Studio

I’ve also thought hard about how I can make my office space more sustainable and am working towards a paper free space. My studio is located at my home and so I have no travel impact and am using a very small amount of extra energy in comparison to renting out a studio. I make sure that everything is switched off when not in use and make a conscious effort to use only the energy needed.

Naturally all of the silver handmade jewellery that I make needs to be hallmarked. Rather than do this individually, wherever I possibly can, I wait until I have a batch that needs to be sent to save on the miles used.

So these are the main ways that I am working to reduce my carbon footprint. Is there anything that you would like to see or can suggest? I’d love to know.