pieces to stir feelings, spark joy, and inspire a simple, feel-good life

Hello, I'm Anna

I don’t know about you, but I want my dog walks to be slow, I want my coffee to be strong, and I want my jewellery to be simple, subtle, and pretty.

Made from 100% recycled sterling silver, my collections are designed to wear and made to last. They're full of meaning, sentiment, and the little things that light-up my world.

It's so good to have you here, and beyond buying a gift for your loved one or a treat for yourself, I hope each piece stirs feeling, sparks joy, and inspires a simple, feel-good life.

— Anna

Treading a little lighter

With the intention of living a life a little greener, I try my best to infuse eco-responsibility wherever possible. From using recycled sterling silver and planting a tree for every order, my business is devoted to small, ethical acts that contribute to a big change.