Handmade from recycled silver

Designed to be worn everyday and treasured forever.

A quick hello

I don’t know about you, but I believe the daily essentials of modern living should be versatile, easy-going and to be frank - feel-good.

Because if we’re being honest, life is complicated enough.

I want my dog walks to be slow, I want my coffee to be strong and I want my jewellery to be simple. Essentially, I want to move through my day with less fuss, and more feel-good, always.

This is where I come in - handcrafting authentic pieces that are subtle and pretty yet wildy enduring, and creates enough space for you to live, dream and enjoy the simple joys of everyday life with a refreshing sense of ease. 

Made from 100% recycled sterling silver, my collections are made to wear and made to last, ensuring each piece is strong, durable and in-it for the long haul. From understated elegance and intricate designs to semi-precious stones, every ring, necklace and earring is a personal expression of meaning, sentiment and the little things that light-up my world.

Whether you’re an avid AC shopper or just stopping by, welcome - it is so good to have you here. And beyond buying a gift for your loved one or a treat for yourself, I hope each piece stirs feeling, sparks joy and inspires a simple life of feel-good.

Anna x

~ Sustainability ~

With the intention to tread a little lighter and live a little greener, I try my best to infuse eco-responsibility wherever possible. From using eco sterling silver, recyclable packaging and working towards a paper-free studio space to planting a tree for every order, my brand is devoted to small, ethical acts that contribute to big change.

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