Meet the Maker

Hi I'm Anna.

Since I can remember I have always had a bit of an obsession with jewellery. My nans jewellery box was one of my favourite things and I would never get bored of hearing her stories of where a piece came from or who bought her that and for what occasion. Therefore it only seemed natural to start making my own jewellery at a very young age and armed with some Fimo I began and proudly made my first piece of jewellery - which my mum did actually wear!!

Fast forward a good few years and I gained my BA Honours in Jewellery design and silversmithing and then in 2009 Anna Calvert Jewellery was born!

I am now based in a small town on the edge of Northamptonshire surround by lots of green fields and plenty of inspiring scenery. Most of the inspiration for my work comes from the old railway line just down the road from where I live each time I visit something has changed and evolved creating a fresh source of inspiration and something exciting and new to look at, its hedges are a mix of all sorts of trees and flowers and then mixed in between are some beautiful old bridges and even a few old tunnels.   

By experimenting with different textures and using a mix of luxurious leather and silver in my designs I create stunning yet timeless pieces of jewellery. As I make each piece by hand it adds something extra special because no matter how hard I try no too pieces will be exactly the same.

I now hope to be able to pass on my obsession for jewellery to someone else, I hope that one day it will be a piece of my jewellery that is being told about in a story and something that you will treasure.