Why are some Autumns more colourful than others?

Why are some Autumns more colourful than others?

Well I think there is a definite chill in the air now as Autumn creeps in. The leaves have started to fall, the sun is low in the sky and the nights have started to draw in.


It’s a great time for jewellery inspiration as there is so much going on in nature that it’s almost impossible not to notice the leaves changing colour.


Have you noticed that the leaves just ‘feel’ more vibrant some years than others?


Well apparently there is a reason for this!


Why do the leaves change colour?

The orange pigments are present in the leaves all year around. And when the green chlorophyll takes a break in the autumn, the orange comes through in all its glory.


But what gives the autumn leaves their vibrant colour 🍁 🍂are the red pigments. These are created in the Autumn in response to light and temperature changes. Even the supply of water can affect it.



Why are some Autumns more colourful than others?

If we have an Autumn where there are warmer days, and the temperatures don’t go below freezing at night, we are likely to see more of a vibrant display of the red pigments.


Too much frost early on however can weaken the colours meaning the autumn just feels a bit less ‘wow’.


I wonder what we’ll get this year?


If you are looking for some Autumn inspiration, maybe a gift for someone, or even a treat for yourself, then here are my top favourite leaf-inspired pieces. All completely handmade by me.


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