Spring has arrived!!

Spring has arrived!!

I love this transitional period when winter is leaving us and the hope for some warmer sunnier days is on the horizon!

Spring is here and blooming!

I know it's not quite the spring we had hoped for with the current situation that we are in, but I just want to take a minute to appreciate the beauty that nature is supplying us with right now.

At the moment life doesn't feel too different for me right now, (other than having Andy home) I'm really fortunate that my jewellery workshop is at home, and as we are still allowed to walk the dogs I get to go out with them, and we have some lovely walks right on our doorstep.

My jewellery inspiration:

So here is a little of my inspiration from the walks I'm doing with the dogs.

And these are from my garden that I'm managing to spend a lot of time in at the moment and I'm really starting to appreciate it a lot more. I love my garden anyway but this time spent more at home is making me think, an English country garden jewellery range might be on the horizon! 

Spring jewellery - Flowers

I hope you can see how this inspires my work, I don't want to replicate nature completely, but I do want to capture some of its beautiful details and make it into timeless pieces that can be worn effortless. Theses flower earrings are a more classic piece they are elegant and just very pretty, and I'm sure you can see why I love to make these. Whereas the necklace from my Petal range is slightly more abstract but follows how the tiny flowers form along the branch and lastly my tiny hawthorn earrings which really are tiny at only 5mm!

Spring necklace and earrings - Handmade jewellery UK

 I hope you are managing to spend a little time outdoors and get to enjoy some springs offerings!

Anna x

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