Planting Trees In My Sleep

Planting Trees In My Sleep

We can’t seem to watch the news anymore without being faced with the stark realisation that we are in the middle of a climate crisis.

Personally I do all I can to be as eco conscious as possible - I even have my own allotment!

But as a small business it can feel like there can’t possibly be a way to make a big difference.

  • I already use eco silver.
  • I work from home.
  • I use recycled and recyclable packaging.
  • I even make just the two trips to the post office every week to send out my orders.

So it left me wondering what else I could to do to help. Was there was any other way to offset my carbon emissions?


That’s when I came across Ecologi through a friend.

Ecologi take your money and invest it into tree planting and carbon reduction projects all over the world. They are totally transparent so you can see where each individual tree has been planted and in which forest!

There is a really easy to use dashboard where you can keep track and you can share your link with anyone so they can take a look at your virtual forest too. It even grows!

Planting Trees with Every Order

I chose Ecologi as it’s very easy to link up to my shop so that now, with every purchase, you get a tree planted on your behalf by me. It just happens automatically.

Check it out here >>>

I really can’t wait to see my forest grow – I’m literally planting trees in my sleep!

If you would like to join Ecologi too, then by using my special link, Ecologi will plant 30 trees additional trees for free, for us both!

Use my link to plant 30 extra trees for free >>>

If you’d like to find out more about Anna Calvert Jewellery’s commitment to sustainability then you can find more information on our sustainability page.

If you want to shop for nature inspired gifts made eco silver then check out my shop over here.

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