March Walks of inspiration

March Walks of inspiration

So March maybe hasn't been as kind to us weather wise as last year but its still been nice to get out and about.

So I just want to share with you a few of the walks we have been going on and so you how I get the inspiration for my jewellery and hope that you can see how it comes to life!

Inspired by Nature

So basically, me and my two trusty helpers Hugo and Phoebe go off exploring our favourite walks and just take the time to see what’s going on in the world around us.

This month it feels exciting to be out and about, lots of buds are appearing and theres just that feeling that spring is coming! 


So heres a few pieces from my Springtime Collection. This month it's a bit more obvious where my inspiration comes from for this range of jewellery.
The tiny little flower studs are only 5mm and are inspired by hawthorn blossom which is starting to bloom at the minute and to me i think its so beautiful to see the trees full of white blossom.

I love the newness that march brings with it, the sunnier days are coming and it just makes you want to be outdoors more!

Anna x

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