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January and my year in Business

Reflecting on my silver jewellery business

So, it’s the start of another year I do feel like I blinked and missed last year it fly by so quickly!

I’ve started this year by taking a look at last year and it was a good one in lots of ways. I managed to do most of the things I wanted to as a little business.

  • I wanted to get out and about more with my silver jewellery, so November and December I did lots of shows and met lots of my lovely customers.
  • I hit 1000 followers on Instagram which I know isn’t a lot for most people but it’s big for me that 1000 people are interested in what I do!
  • I completely reorganised my workspace so it is actually a space I can work in now, it flows! I have my bench then a series of desks, one for admin, one for photography and the other as a packing station and it’s made such a difference to my workflow everything has a place and it’s all there to use when I need it! There are still a few bits I would like to do to it this year but on the whole, I’m really happy with my little space.
  • I changed my packing up to send my silver jewellery out in little pouches I did this so that I could offer you free shipping on your orders, as I was sending things out before as a small parcel now they can go large letter which is why I can offer free shipping. It took a lot of looking around to find the right pouches I still wanted something that reflected my brand, was good quality and able to have my business name on them.


Jewellery Packaging - Anna Calvert


On to this year….

After spending some time reflecting on last year, I’ve been thinking about the year ahead.

  • I still want to do some more shows and craft fairs but more though out the year instead of just doing them for the Christmas period. So, I have my first little local one booked in on the 7th March!!
  • I want to launch 2 new collections this year one I have been working on for a while but haven’t had the time to complete it yet so that’s my first major goal this year! So hopefully (I’m aiming for March) there might be lots of new lovely things coming your way!
  • To learn a new skill!

And last but not least I want to carry on enjoying this, as I work on my own sometimes its really exciting, sometimes it’s really stressful and sometimes it’s just really hard work but 99% of the time I absolutely love it!

I’m setting myself a personal goal of learning to step away and have a break when I need it. I struggle with getting too absorbed in things that sometimes I can’t see the bigger picture and get tunnel vision, and self-doubt kicks in.

Most of the time these are technical problems, I can’t send an email as something has gone wrong or there’s a problem with my website - you get the gist so when this happens I'm going to put it to one side make a cup of tea, and take time out and come back to it later! Let’s see if I can do this!!

Anna x

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