How to find out your ring size.

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Not everyone what ring size they are so finding it out it essential.

I want you to be able to buy a ring that fits perfectly so here are a few ways for you to find out the right size.

Get measured at a jewellers.

If you go in to a local jeweller they will be able to measure your finger. All jewelers in the UK use the same standard sizes so this is a really way to find out your perfect size.

Use a printable ring sizing guide

Print of the guide and make sure you measure the line with a ruler so that you know it has printed proper and that the ring sizes are accurate.

Download a printable ring size

Without then knowing

If you are looking to surprise someone with a ring then there are a few things you can do.

Ask their friends and family as them might know their ring size.

See if you can borrow one of the rings they already wear and take it to a jewellers to get it measured or use the printable guide.

Other considerations

Your fingers can swell slightly so when working out your ring size your hands need to be warm. If you are ordering a wider band (4mm or bigger) then they will fit slightly snugger so it may be better to order a ½ size bigger.

If your ring doesn’t fit eek!!

 Hopefully it will and it wont be a problem but if you do end up with a ring that doesn’t fit don’t panic I can resize your ring to fit perfectly.

Take a look at my range of rings here or get in touch if you'd like to commission one.

Anna x

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