Silver Hammered Hoops

Silver Hammered Hoops

My style within jewellery is perhaps best encapsulated in my signature silver hammered pieces, particularly the hammered hoops that I meticulously create. The hammered surface, with its intricate indentations and uneven texture, has a unique and captivating ability to capture and reflect light. This gives the hoops an almost luminous and radiant effect, ensuring they shine brilliantly even on the most cloudy and overcast days.

The hammering technique I use is a labor of love, and it ensures that each piece of jewellery I create is unique and one-of-a-kind. I'm committed to sustainable practices, and so I use only repurposed silver in my work. This not only reduces waste and promotes recycling, but it also adds another layer of uniqueness and individuality to each piece.

To achieve this beautiful texture on my silver hoops, I use a special type of hammer known as a bell pein hammer. This hammer is designed with one domed end and a flat end, each serving different purposes in the crafting process. Different hammers are used for different metals and to achieve varied textures and effects. The round end of the bell pein hammer gradually tapers to a point, making it perfect for creating the sought-after hammered texture seen on my silver hoop earrings.

Perfecting this technique was not something that happened overnight. It required a significant amount of time, countless hours of practice, and an immeasurable amount of patience (not to mention a few sore fingers!). Once I am satisfied with the final hammered effect on the silver strip, I cut it in two, shape it into hoops, and solder on the ear pins. The final steps in the process are cleaning and polishing the earrings. And voila - a pair of meticulously crafted, luminous hammered silver hoop earrings are ready to be worn and admired!

Anna x

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