Gemstones and what they Symbolise Handmade silver jewellery by Anna Calvert Jewellery in the UK

Gemstones and what they Symbolise

Gemstones, also known as precious or semi-precious stones, crystals or ‘healing’ crystals, have held special meanings for thousands of years. There is even archaeological evidence dating all the way back to Egyptian times of mining for gemstones. It’s really no wonder that we are fascinated by their beauty when they come in such an array of hues, all created by nature itself. They really do invoke a feeling of magic and power!


My Love for Gemstones

Gemstones are something I’ve always loved, and whether you believe in their powers, or simply just love their beauty, most people tend to have a favourite.

Back in the day at university, the dreaded time of dissertation writing came about and so I decided to write mine on the meaning of gemstones.

Unfortunately, the topic was too big, so I was told to focus on just one stone. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make! In the end, after much deliberation, I choose to write my 10,000 words on pearls and the myths and meanings surrounding them.

They really are a very magical gemstone that appear time and again in myth and history. From the Ancient Greeks who believed that pearls were the teardrops of the Goddess Aphrodite, to Hindu mythology where it was believed that Lord Krishna presented his wife with pearls on their marriage, pearls have played a part throughout.


My New Collection

My next silver jewellery collection is based on four of my other favourite gemstones. I carefully chose these gemstones based on not only their appearance, but on their beautiful and powerful meanings and healing properties. I hope you love them as much as me and that they bring joy, and if you believe as I do, that they bring you some of their beautiful energy.



White Topaz Necklace Handmade Silver Jewellery in the UK

White Topaz

Energy - Manifestation, healing, protection, peace, love and hope

  • White Topaz helps to bring clarity to your thoughts and helps with your vision
  • It carries the energy of truth
  • White Topaz is supportive of affirmations and manifestation




Alexandrite Ring Handmade Silver Jewellery in the UK


Energy - Healing and transformational

  • Alexandrite encourages you to listen to your feelings
  • It encourages you to find joy in everyday life. 
  • It Encourages imagination and creativity
  • White Topaz strengthens willpower. ​
  • It is thought to bring luck, good fortune and love
  • It’s also an alternative birthstone for June




Smokey quartz earring handmade silver jewellery in the UK

Smokey quartz

Energy – Healing, protection and balance

  • It releases negative energy
  • Smokey Quartz is grounding
  • It’s a protective stone
  • It facilitates positive, practical thinking with clear insights.




Sapphire earrings handmade silver jewellery in the UK


Energy – Spiritual power and mental healing

  • It’s known as the wisdom stone
  • Sapphire calms the mind and helps release tension and unwanted thoughts
  • It aids self-expression and speaking your truth
  • Sapphire protects you from being easily influenced
  • It’s also the September Birthstone


Whether you like the meanings and mythology behind the stones or you just like the stones because they are a pretty colour. I hope this gives you a little in site as to why I chose the ones 1 did for my new collection.

Anna x

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