Eco Friendly Silver Jewellery

Eco Friendly Silver Jewellery

This has been something I have been trying to do for a long time. But I’ve not ready to shout about it. I’ve been taking steps to reduce waste and become more eco-friendly and sustainable for a while now.

Some of the things I have done already:

I am using EcoSilver wherever possible to create my jewellery - It's still sterling silver it’s just recycled!

I’m proud to say my packaging boxes are made from 100% recycled material and are completely recyclable.

The tissue paper your jewellery arrives wrapped in is recycled and acid-free.

I have ditched the metallic padded envelopes and now send your jewellery out to you in brown postal boxes that are completely recyclable.

I have switched to brown paper tape instead of sellotape.

I’m using small and local businesses wherever I can.


eco friendly silver jewellery


Becoming a more sustainable business:

I am continuously working to improve my sustainability I would like to find an environmentally friendly alternative to the chemicals I use in my workshop.

I would like to work with a charity to give a little back from the sale of each piece.

 I’m nowhere near perfect but I will keep trying to take small steps to reduce waste and plastic. Last weekend was spent planting seeds and repotting veg up at our allotment, which is something, I never imagined me doing but there’s something really satisfying about growing things we can (hopefully) eat!


So any tips or advice on things you’re doing would be greatly received!!


Anna x

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