Cleaning your Silver jewellery

Cleaning your Silver jewellery

Silver jewellery will always tarnish. This is natural but there are things you can do to slow it down and keep your silver jewellery looking its best.

Top Tips for keeping your silver jewellery looking good.

  • If you have brought a piece of silver jewellery then its best to keep it in the box or pouch it came in as it has an anti-tarnish pad or tissue in it so it will slow down the tarnishing process.
  • If not try and keep it in a dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Perfumes and body lotions don’t agree with it so always put your jewellery on last.
  • Silver jewellery doesn’t like to go swimming, as the chlorine affects it and can make it look dull.

If your silver jewellery does tarnish

If your silver jewellery does tarnish it can be cleaned up easily with a silver polishing cloth. Just rubbing it gently will take off the tarnish and make it shiny again.
You can also wash your silver jewellery to get any little bits of dirt off in warm to hot water and washing up liquid but not soap, and let your silver jewellery soak for 10-15 minutes to loosen up any dirt. Then make sure you rinse it off properly and dry it well or the soap residue and moisture will tarnish it again.
There are also several types of silver dip available and they work well on plain silver jewellery but I would advise against them if your jewellery has stones in or if it has any deliberate darker areas as it could remove them.
Hope you found this guide on how to clean your silver jewellery useful.
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