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Alternative Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day – it’s a bit marmite isn’t it? Some people love it. A lot of people hate it! Me and Andy are pretty easy going so we don’t usually do much for Valentines Day. But I decided that this year, I’d do some digging for something that little bit different that we could do together. I guess it would be nice to make an effort!

So if you want to mark Valentines Day, but can’t stand the thought of going out for dinner with heart confetti stuck to your elbows whilst you watch other couples drooling all over each other, then sit tight and carry on reading as there might just be something here that takes your fancy (in addition to your partner…obviously).

Ice Skating

Skating rinks! Remember those? I never did get the hang of skating. But I loved it when the lights went down and the disco music came on. We thought we were so cool back then.

Nowadays I need to hold onto the side for several circuits before I dare let go and face the ice with nothing to hold onto but Andy (who can’t actually skate either).

But there is no better laugh than watching your partner fall over – so I’m all for it!

And afterwards you can go and warm up at home with a film and hot chocolate after what feels like an actual proper workout. Exercise AND a Valentines Day date. Win win.

Fun Fact - mine and Andy’s first proper date was to Nottingham ice rink. And although we didn’t skate we did watch the ice hockey and it was really fun – plus we had beer and hot dogs!

Escape Room

I still haven’t done an escape room so this was high on my list. This is one that should come with a health warning. “If you can’t decorate together without the temptation to kill each other, then you aren’t allowed to participate in the escape room experience”. I’m not entirely sure how we would fare to be honest but they do look like a lot of fun.

Go Karting

You can’t go wrong with a bit of competitive sport. Just so long as you remember there is no prize, it’s just for fun, so no tantrums if you lose. Kind of defeats the object of having fun together if you can’t play nicely together. Who knows, you might even decide it’s such great fun that it becomes a regular activity. 

Visit a Theme Park

Maybe you went to a theme park in the early days together and still remember the first scary ride you went on as a couple? How great would it be to reminisce over those days and go back on all of the same rides again? At this time of year it’s pretty quiet so you’d probably better check what, if any, rides are open. Or maybe you hate scary rides and this is your idea of hell?

In which case, just don’t do it.

Cooking night

This actually surprised me at how much I might enjoy this. Finding a meal we both like and cooking it together on Valentines night. I’ll be honest. Doing most things in close proximity could be dangerous, but cooking, with a bottle of wine or a gin or two on the go actually sounds quite relaxing.

Takeaway and Movie Night

When all is said and done you cannot, CANNOT, beat putting your cosiest socks on, snuggling up with your partner, dogs, takeaway and a good film on Valentines Day. You can have your posh restaurants all day long but this, this is exactly where you will find me. No having to worry about where to go and table bookings. The most I’ll need to worry about is which takeaway I’m having!

And the bonus is that I can wear all of my jewellery and it still looks amazing whilst I’m snuggled under the blankets.

PS – Just because you decide to do something different on Valentines Day does not mean you have to scrimp on the prezzies. Make sure you share this link to my website with your partner as a little hint for a Valentines treat as you absolutely deserve it!






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