A History of Hoop Earrings

A History of Hoop Earrings

Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings never seem to go out of fashion and are a staple of most women’s jewellery boxes. But when did we start wearing hoop earrings and what do they symbolise?


Hoop Earrings Date Back to 2500BC

Archaeologists have found hoop earrings dating back as far as 2500 BC belonging to Sumerian women as well as the ancient people of the African civilization Nubia (now Sudan). Since then they have featured time and time again throughout history in ancient Rome and Greece, to Egypt and Asia. Proving that hoop earrings really are timeless.

Even the cats in ancient Egypt appear to have been adorned with hoop earrings!


Hoop Earrings in Culture

Hoop earrings play a part in many cultures and signify unity and strength and have spread across the world to other cultures as well as seen to be worn by Kings and Queens as a symbol of power. Many people see hoops as a fashion trend created over recent years, however the age of hoop earrings tells us otherwise -  they were a fashion trend long before Jesus even walked the earth! 


 Silver Hoop Earrings


Wearing Hoop Earrings

The flexibility of a hoop earring means that you can dress up and wear them on a night out, or with jeans and a tee. Silver, gold or patterned. There are no rules. Chunky, light or hammered. Anything goes!


Silver Hoop Earrings


It’s no surprise that hammered silver hoops feature heavily in my collection. From hammered chunky silver hoops to smaller lighter silver hoops, or even silver hoops with hanging stones like my White Topaz and Silver Hoop Earrings. There really is a hoop earring for every occasion and every outfit.

Being timeless, they also make the perfect gift as who doesn’t love a hoop earring!

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